Beagly - Take Surveys,
Get Rewards

Beag.ly shares online surveys, offering $5 or more in gift cards for completed surveys. You choose your reward from a list of popular retailers and your preferred delivery method, making the online survey experience easy and fulfilling.


Paraqeet - See who is worth listening to

Journalists, celebrities, academics, politicians, businesses, causes and thought leaders dominate Twitter, sharing opinions and news that shapes our world. Paraqeet delivers instant social network analysis to understand who the influencers are in any Twitter conversation.



Ignite Runs highly customizable advocacy campaigns with advanced reporting, statistics and embedding options making it one of the most modern advocacy platforms


Appics -
Passion Rewarded

APPICS is a reward-based social media app that introduces a new ecosystem which merges lifestyle, passion and user-generated income inside a single mobile application.


Pipera -
Cloud Made Simple

Pipera helps you to deploy applications in the cloud, fully transparent, easy to use and out of the box. Save cloud costs, reduce risk and stay ahead of the competition.

Beagly - Question Everything

Paraqeet - See who is worth listening to

Ignite - A product of citizen window

Appics - Passion rewarded

Pipera - Cloud Made Simple