How can we help you?

Custom written Integrations
Automatic dashboards & alerts
API Upgrades

When and why to choose
Digitalents over other solutions?

Scale effortlessly for reasonable hosting prices
Custom solutions for your specific use case
Advanced Stability through advanced error logging and alerts
Advanced Testability with Local Staging /Production /Environment

Typical use case

Integrate data through REST APIs
Use Bots and scrapers to collect and integrate data
Migrate and improve existing integrations from other systems
Data collection / modeling and transformation with machine learning approaches

About us

Behsaad and Vicens started Digitalents to help companies scale and boost their data integrations in the best way possible. In the past 15 years we have worked with companies of all sizes in different parts of the world. We are based in Europe and work with vested experts to assemble the best team for your needs.
Behsaad Ramez
Vicens Fayos